What is Biodynamic Farming? | Fern Verrow

What is Biodynamic Farming?

 It is a form of agriculture based on a series of lectures given by Rudolf Steiner in the 1920’s, in which he responded to questions about the diminishing fertility and vitality of crops and stock, noticed by some farmers at the time. It includes the principle that the farm is seen ideally as a self-contained organism, taking care of the health and vitality of soil, crops, stock and farmer! Thus creating a virtuous cycle. This approach was later to become the foundation for organic farming; it also includes the use of lunar and planetary rhythms, biodynamic compost and spray preparations. For more information about biodynamic farming and growing and Demeter certification go to www.biodynamic.org.uk


There are seven different organic certifying bodies in the U.K. These exist in order to outline the standards of organic food production and to ensure that these standards are being practiced and kept to by the farmers and growers producing the food. In turn each of the certifying bodies are overseen by DEFRA. It is against the law to sell anything Organic unless it is certified and has a producer number. We are certified by the Biodynamic Association (Demeter). This means that the customer really does have a guaranteed line of provenance for the food they are buying.  To download a copy of our certificate please click here.