Sheep | Fern Verrow


Currently we have a small flock of Dorset ewes. We lamb in early April; this is later than many farms in our area. We want to try and avoid any harsh weather during lambing time, as we lamb outside. Also there is usually a good flush of spring grass, which helps the lambs and their mothers get off to a good start. We keep the lambs with their mothers until July. At this time we will separate the mothers from their young. The lambs are now close to fully grown and no longer need their mother’s milk. This separation also allows the ewes to regain weight and get back into condition for the winter.


We keep the Ewe lambs for breeding the following winter to slowly increase our flock, and the males provide meat for sale in October. We produce only grass fed lamb. Our sheep live outside all year round, grazing our fields in spring, summer and autumn and fed on our own Biodynamic hay through the winter. We do not feed any concentrates to our flock, which is very unusual for any farmers. Our sheep are not our main source of income and we are in no hurry to produce them, this results in a leaner, smaller and sweeter tasting animal.