Preserves | Fern Verrow


We make selection of jams and preserves with our fruit, traditionally for storing and eating through the winter months.


We harvest the fruit when it is in its prime (ripe, sweet and warm) and preserve it on the same day. As our fruit tends to be very sweet, we use smaller amounts of Organic cane sugar to cook with. It is produced by us in small batches on the wood-burning stove in our kitchen.





Gooseberry and Elderflower


Jellies and condiments




Mint sauce and jelly made with whitecurrants

Fruit Vinegars 





Pickles and Chutneys

Onion marmalade

Beetroot and horseradish chutney

Runner Bean chutney

Spiced Plum chutney

Green Tomato chutney

Preserved Bergamot lemons



We do not grow citrus fruit ourselves, but we buy Organic Seville oranges.


We make marmalade because we love it and were brought up making it. We make two varieties of marmalade (a long, slow cooked, 48 hour process Dark Caramel marmalade and a fresh, bright four fruit marmalade for those that like a more zingy marmalade)


All of the ingredients that we use that are not our own for instance sugar, a vinegar, salt and citrus fruits is all Organic or Biodynamic. We do not bring our preserves into our certification due to the extra cost of having it certified and because it is a relatively new project for us.


Lemon Curd

using eggs from our geese.







We keep bees here at Fern Verrow. Our honey as certified as organic due to our location, that is being less than 3 kilometres from any other cultivated land. The bees forage on the hedgerows during the early spring. In summer we have plenty of food for them here on the farm, from our flowering vegetables and fruit. We only sell honey if there is plenty, in excess of what the bees need for themselves.