Poultry | Fern Verrow


We stock a wide range of poultry for the table. These include turkeys, geese and ducks for Christmas.


The majority of poultry numbers are chickens, both for eggs and meat.


All our meat birds are purchased as day old chicks and are raised here at Fern Verrow. We incubate and hatch our own laying birds.


All our poultry are of course free-range, but not only do they have access to the outside but also to woodlands and streams. The landscape here provides these natural habitats for our birds. Chickens are native woodland creatures; the woodland areas allow them to forage and to find food that is more natural to them. This woodland and access to vast amounts of fresh grass brings a deep yellow coloured yolk to the eggs. The Geese and Ducks have free access to running water. They are of course water birds and being able to swim and preen themselves in as close to a wild environment maintains their health and well being. We do feed our birds with organic grain and whey to supplement the grass and insects that they find for themselves in the fields, woodlands and waterways. All the poultry spend all day outside and we close them safely in their houses at dusk every night.


Our aim with all our animals is to produce the best tasting meat / eggs as we possibly can.