Pastures | Fern Verrow


It is not our intention to knock sheep and cattle producers. The world needs to be fed, and fast turnover of animals allows food to be affordable to the masses. However we have made a conscious decision to not interfere with the meadow pasture that we have been so fortunate to have inherited here at Fern Verrow. None of our pasture to the best of our knowledge has ever been ploughed or sprayed with weed killers. This means that the native grasses and herbs are still present on our land. This system is an old-fashioned, privileged one. The animals take longer to fatten than on other nitrogen rich pasture. The presence of wild herbs, grasses and flowers bring a certain something to the quality of the animal that in our opinion is more natural to them and provides a more diverse diet for the stock, and of course in turn to the quality of meat they produce.



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