Animals | Fern Verrow


Animal presence is integral to a biodynamic farm.  They are part of the life cycle that constitutes the making up of the farm organism. The breeds of our animals are selected for suitability to our environment. Their inherent resilience and fertility, gives us the freedom to breed and raise animals free of the problems that most farmers on a larger scale than ourselves suffer from.  The cows for instance are fed on home produced grass, hay and fresh vegetables only.  We use none of the fattening supplements and cereals that many farmers rely on to finish them.


All the manure produced by our animals is composted, along with straw that has been used for their bedding. This is mixed together with various plant matter including vegetable trimmings, leaf mould and soil. Biodynamic compost preparations are applied frequently. Growing vegetables needs a lot of manure; we require more than we can produce. Again this is from Jon Christopher, a fellow organic local farmer. He also supplies us with straw.