Fruit | Fern Verrow


We produce small quantities of fruit, all grown outside, except for white peaches and figs that are grown in our greenhouse.


The different fruits will form, then ripen and mature at different times throughout the season. The fruit season begins with strawberries in early June and finishes with apples and pears in October. The timing of all of this will vary slightly according to what the weather is dictating. If we need to irrigate any of the soft fruit we are able to do so using our own spring water.


If all goes well we expect to have the following,


Strawberries – June to end of July

Gooseberries – end of May to mid July

Redcurrants – early June

Whitecurrants – end of June

Blackcurrants – beginning of July

Summer Raspberries – beginning of July

White Peaches and figs – Early to mid August

Tayberries – mid July to mid August

Loganberries – mid July to mid August

Autumn Raspberries – August and September

Plums, Greengages and Damsons – early September to October

Apples and Pears – September to October

Growing soft fruit outside without protection from the elements can be very difficult at times; so much care must be taken with their harvesting. We pick the fruit directly into punnets to reduce handling to as little as possible so as not to bruise the ripe fruit. We harvest the soft fruit on a Friday afternoon, and these will be sold the next morning. The scent of freshly picked berries is heavenly. Whilst driving to London, however full the van may be of other produce, the heady scent of pure sunshine is a joy.


During the soft fruit season we preserve fruits into jams, jellies and vinegars. For a selection of these please see “Preserves


In the winter months we sell a range of citrus fruit from other biodynamic and organic growers. The citrus comes from Southern Europe. We find in particular the biodynamic blood oranges from Italy are of exceptional quality. During the season we will see three or four varieties of blood orange, from the sharper less red early variety, to the dark crimson red one,  that is the sweetest of them all. Other citrus available during the winter months include bergamot lemons from Italy and Morocco, limes, lemons and grapefruit. With the citrus we can offer customers a wholesale price on cases of fruit.