Cattle | Fern Verrow


Cows are central players in a Biodynamic approach to Agriculture. The Cow’s complex digestive system means that its dung will bring more vitality to the soil than that of any other animal. Cows have provided for us throughout Humankinds development, but it is only in India where this relationship is still acknowledged and Cows are considered sacred.


A Cow is the fundamental link between soil and farm.


We have a small herd of Hereford cattle. They are a friendly, gentle breed with the hardiness necessary to thrive in this part of the country. To be able to feed our Cows on our own grass and hay only, we only stock a maximum of four animals at any point in time. This means that each year we raise one calf and slaughter one adult. This process of producing an animal for meat takes a minimum of four years in our system. The Cows are rotated throughout our grazing fields from March until early December. They spend winter in the Cow Barn at the top of the hill, where they are fed our own hay and some of our vegetables as daily treats. We do not milk our cows, but we visit them every day and value their quiet wisdom and their precious manure.