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About Us

Fern Verrow is a 16 acre farm at the foothills of the Black Mountains in Herefordshire, farmed by Jane Scotter and Harry Astley. We are Biodynamic growers and farmers, producing seasonal English vegetables, fruit, flowers, herbs and meat. Between us we have been farming for 25 years.


We believe that using Biodynamic methods in our farming produces wonderful food. The philosophy enables us to always find inspiration and faith in the work that we do. We are always learning. We aim to grow food of the highest quality that is beneficial both nutritionally and in its cooking and eating enjoyment. We grow vegetables biodynamically as it has an intellectual and artistic connection with food.


Every Friday we hand pick and harvest the very best that we have, and sell it the next day at Spa Terminus in London.


We do this all year round. From May until October we employ two people to work with us on the farm.


The honest and challenging nature of growing food is central to why we do it. We are motivated by a desire to keep improving the food that we produce.  We are seasonal growers, and believe that if done this way the food tastes better, and is better for you.


We love working with the land, growing food and feeding people.