2nd May | Fern Verrow

2nd May

The skeletal forms of the trees outside our kitchen window are no longer bare, without question spring has arrived, the view is now a haze of light green as the buds burst open and darken with the sunlight. Everywhere is looking its best, especially since we have had a good drop of rain. The grass is green as green can be, and the sheep and cows are contently eating it as fast as they can. This has to be the best time of year, the hedgerows and verges are full of wild flowers, cow parsley, cowslips and bluebells. We are having an easy time of it with near perfect conditions for us to progress with sowing, planting and general maintenance. The Verrow looks full of life and potential.

The greenhouse is being very productive with radish , spinach and lovely salad leaves for this week. Herbs too are plentiful…chives, lovage, thyme and sweet cicely for sale too.

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