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Tulip city

Last week at Spa I was saying how much I was looking forward to seeing the colours of the tulips we planted last Autumn. I remember selecting the bulbs and planning very carefully that they would not all come at once. The best laid plans and all that. This warm sunshine of the past  has rewarded us with quite a show, some amazing colours pinks, oranges and plums. Please come to Spa and buy some as we have loads and they are fantastic.

Land preparation is going very well, the first of the peas and broads are showing through the soil. The beds will be made today, ready to start drilling seed tomorrow. It is amazing how every season is so different. This year is an early, steady start and we have taken the time to prepare the land carefully and thoroughly. We have spent a couple of days picking over the fields removing docks and creeping buttercup. This keeps the weeds under control and makes our work easier in the long run. Not the most exciting of jobs, shuffling along the field making piles of weeds to gather up and burn on a bonfire at the other end of the field. It is pretty hard work,  the backs of my legs are a bit stiff I must say. At  the same time the long monotonous hours allow for thought  and contemplation, and in my case a lot of humming to ones self.


Nice greens and herbs again this week…. tulips, tulips, tulips, come buy my lovely tulips!





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