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not shirking….

I am sorry that I was not at Spa last Saturday and am also very sorry to say that I am also not able to make it this week  either. I have had an operation and the whole thing involved quite a few more stitches and more recovery time  than I had planned or wanted. Truly no need for flowers or chocolates to be sent, and I promise I shall be back to normal  from next Saturday. I hope that no -one is too disappointed.

As last season draws to a close, a new one is beginning, we will make our first cut into the soil with the plough this weekend to start the preparation of the beds, that will become the hosts to plants and seeds over the coming months, always an uplifting and exciting time. Spring has arrived and growth has begun. We will have to wait a few more weeks until things start to be harvested. However next week we will have some delicious chard from the greenhouse that has now reached its prime . Hyacinths are tall and perfumed.  Purple sprouting, kale tops and a few cauliflowers, perhaps some rhubarb and maybe the first of the chives. We will also be keeping an eye out for the first shoots of the foraged crops, ransomes, jack by the hedge etc. Tulips a few weeks away, I can’t wait to see their colours.

Until next week and apologies again.


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