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Hyacinth Bouquet

This week has been a fine week, both in the weather and in the job satisfaction stakes. We have been outside everyday, all day…. tidying and cultivating. The herb beds have been tended, some new plants and trees, planted and everything looks smart and cared for. Yesterday was so warm that we went down to shirt sleeves. I was positively hot in my waterproofs and the warmth of the sun on our faces was welcome and uplifting.

Spring is truly showing herself with bulbs and new flushes of green appearing. If this weather continues we will be turning our thoughts to ploughing and muck spreading. However this does mean that we are entering what we growers call the hungry gap… the end of the over wintering crops, and not quite the beginning of the new season. So not many varieties to offer this week, the last of the cabbages, some gorgeous small leeks, purple sprouting too. Red Russian kale looking a gorgeous purple and pink.

Happy to say that we do have some flowers for sale this week, some gorgeous scented hyacinth, blossom and iris. Not sure how we will present them just yet, but not doubt we will find inspiration. Come and have a look they will be pretty.





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