Saturday 7th March | Fern Verrow

Saturday 7th March

Much work done at Fern Verrow the last couple of weeks. With the weather being kind and generous we have been able to work outside most of the time. Still too early to work the fields of course, the soil needs to warm up quite  a bit yet, for any seeds or plants to thrive. However the beginning of the new season is in sight, with tulips popping their first leaves through the soil.

Our greenhouse is looking immaculate, and a few quick cool season¬†germinators have been sown and should produce some spinach, radish and pak choi in a few weeks time. Pruning is the name of the game…roses done and fruit trees and bushes have been started.

We are back at Spa this Saturday, sorry about the gap. Cabbages, turnips and kale tops. Lots of salad bag ingredients tasting and looking lovely.

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