Saturday 7th February | Fern Verrow

Saturday 7th February

So all back to normal now, after our break from the weekly trip to Spa. The time has flown by and we have accomplished quite a lot. The seeds for this season are arriving daily and are  waiting to be unpacked and put into boxes, awaiting the time when the sowing begins once again. Meant to have started the pruning, but with this cold, icy weather it is best to wait and with next weeks slightly milder forecast, I think we will start then, a job we love to do.

We have also “signed off” on our book. The final proofs having been read many times,  we know it off by heart and occasionally find ourselves reciting it as we carry out our daily tasks that we so carefully described word by word. Very happy to have got it all done to the schedule. We look forward to seeing and holding the hard copy in a couple of months time. For now we are happy to see the back of it, and to have a rest from it and return into the fold of the farm.

Squeezed in a batch or two of marmalade making also these past couple of weeks. The caramel marmalade with its intense bitter sweetness that can only come from Seville oranges and a long slow two day process.

Vegetable wise we are still into the winter crops of course. Purple sprouting makes an appearance this week for the first time in a decent quantity. Leeks, parsnips, turnips and red beetroot all on good form. The flowering process has begun on the  kales, so plenty of sweet tops of cavolo nero and Tuscan kale this week. Salad leaves are plentiful and their fresh clean flavours and texture very welcome. January king  and Savoy in the cabbage dept.

See you on Saturday!

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