Saturday 10th January | Fern Verrow

Saturday 10th January

We are back at Spa this coming Saturday. Bringing a nice array of root vegetables and winter greens. Including beetroot, parsnips, January King cabbage, sprout tops, cavalo nero kale and some winter salad leaves.

Can’t believe how the weather has been, we did our Epithany 3 Kings stir on 6th January, usually we are frozen, whilst elbow deep in cold water stirring this special biodynamic preparation.  This year was like an early spring day, bright and clear and in the sunshine almost warm. I sprayed around  the boundaries of the farm with the dogs happily coming along for the walk. One of them being the new puppy, Girlie, daughter of our border collie Bess. Had to lift her over a few fences here and there, and try to encourage her NOT to chase the chickens. I rather spoilt the moment by having to shout at her rather a lot. Hope you learns that chasing chickens is not going to get her into my good books. Fingers crossed the fox problem has eased….. however whilst driving back from school bus stop last night, one crossed over the road infont of us. This quickened my pace when we arrived home, to shut the bird house and make sure everyone was safe. I do empathise with Mr. Renard,  I know he is just doing what he does, but so are we. Just wish he’d do his thing elsewhere. So what with Girlie chasing the hens, and the fox worrying them, we are still eggless. Spring is on its way so hopefully eggs will start appearing soon.



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