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Happy 2015

It has been a while since our last blog, haven’t done one since September. Some of you have mentioned this to me and I promise that I will try and do weekly posts again. The reason for the absence has been that Harry and I have been writing our book, and found that we had very little to say that was interesting having been stuck in front of the computer most weeks. It is  finished now thank goodness, and normal life can return once more.

The new year brings many thoughts into one’s head. A time for planning and preparation for the coming growing season. I am a little behind with seed ordering, but on Monday morning I shall bring the seed boxes into the house and take stock of what we have, open the newly arrived catalogues, get my orders in, and look forward to the heavy boxes of new seeds arriving.

The farm is well. A little ragged round the edges with it being winter and all. As we walk around the farm each morning slipping and sliding through the mud, we can see what needs doing, pruning fruit trees and bushes must start soon. This is a job we love so really looking forward to getting on with that. Can’t quite believe that the snowdrops are beginning to show again. That’s the mild winter for you.

As for the animals, the cows are in the barn, being fed on last summers hay and vegetables that aren’t fit for sale. They are really enjoying celery at the moment, which surprises me. I gave them some leeks yesterday, they didn’t eat them, too strong a flavour I suspect so we won’t have those on the menu again. The ewes are looking good, with the lambs due in April. In a month or so we will be turning them out onto the cabbage patch. This helps us to clear the field, ready for land prep and in turn offers the ewes a fantastic source of good food at a time when it is scarce. The poor old chickens however are having a tough time. Since June we have had terrible fox problems and have had well over half our hens taken by foxes. The remaining birds are scared and won’t lay which is no surprise. All our neighbours have lost their chickens too and the subject is a hot one in the parish, we pass in the lane and wind the car window down and the fox is always discussed. Hopefully as spring comes and no chickens left to steal, they will move on…we shall have to see.

We aren’t at Spa this coming Saturday but we do return on 10th and 17th January. Then we will take two more weeks off from Spa and return weekly, as normal from 7th February.


A happy new year to everyone and let’s hope for a great growing season, so that we may bring you many edible and floral delights. Better go, I can hear the cows mooing and wanting their celery hit.


Ladies in the barn



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