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Read all about it

This morning is bright and beautiful, quite a contrast from the rest of this week which has been very wet and autumnal. Never mind I see that summer is set to return next week with 21 degrees forecast for a couple of days! The rain has helped everything to grow and the sun next week will hopefully seal the deal on the produce that needs to ripen.

We had another mixed and varied week. Lots of wet weather jobs, weeding greenhouse and general tidying up. However think that it is time to announce…. drum roll … Throughout this season we have been writing a book! Yes a book.. This has been going on for most of this year and is due for publication in May 2015. It is a primarily a cook book with 100 of recipes based on the food that we cook and eat in our kitchen using  our produce of course There will also be articles on biodynamic growing and tales of the farm. We have done two photo shoots already with another two to go. Thought that I had better announce this, as this weekend we are featured in the Guardian COOK supplement and have mentioned the book!

We will be bringing some custard white squash this week… very beautiful scalloped edge white fruits of fine flavour; that’s if you can bear to cut them, as they are truly beautiful. We have lots of plums this week and will also have (as promised) some damsons. Autumn bliss raspberries are sweet and plump.

Lots of beetroot golden and red. Onions galore .

Lettuce, celery, chard and courgettes

French beans are still producing well with runners bursting out all over having loved the rain. The first of the amazing looking borlotti bean too.

Cucumbers and tomatoes are at their best, as is the basil, parsley, chives and summer savoury.

Plenty of flowers again this week.

Think that’s about it… oh yes potatoes too… Charlotte and Maris Bard and Peer.



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