In their drones… | Fern Verrow

In their drones…

Ran out of time and energy last week to tell you about our visitors last week! Archie and Danny of Grey Moth came to visit, with them were three drone cameras. In other words big boys toys…remote controlled cameras. We do have a jolly old time here on the hills! Archie and Danny are making a film of the farm. The cameras look like large¬†hornets and sound like them too. It was amazing to see this angle of our land, a perspective that we never see. As we viewed the footage we were thrilled to see our rows of vegetables looking neat and tidy. Once edited the film will be on our website… so look out for that.

With it being late August now we are full of bounty. Lots of great vegetables for sale. So a great a variety of truly seasonal produce on offer this week.

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