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Glorious day after glorious day

Every morning this week has been bright and sunny with temperatures in the mid 20’s by 8 o’clock… glorious summer days. This means perfect weeding weather. So of course this has been our main activity this week, both mechanically and by hand. Hot, sweaty work but easy to do with the july sun drying up the weeds almost instantly. We are all brown as berries and enjoying the no jumper, no wellies freedom. The house doors and windows open all day airing the house with the warm breeze. Happy days!

The produce is full on, with everything (almost) being of great quality. Lots of great stuff.

Fruit wise we have blackcurrants, raspberries, white currants and the first batch of white peaches- tasting fabulous due to all this sunshine.

Fresh onions white beauties and of course the red Florence.

Lots of courgettes and also a few yellow crookneck summer squash.

Peas and broads too and the first pick of some of our French beans

Lots of fabulous flowers, sold by the stem this week, look out for the café au lait dahlia, also and some very pretty fragrant bouquets, with sweet peas, jasmine and amazing, but no so fragrant love in the mist.

The cucumbers are very nice, crunchy and sweet tasting, we are eating these every day for lunch at present.

Lots of lettuce including the popular iceberg varieties that we grow




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