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In praise of the josterberry

Fruit picking truly underway, this week we say goodbye to the strawberries for the year. We have been very pleased with them, good tasting and thanks to our new beds, easy picking and weeding. Raspberries are now in full swing, so plenty this week. However I would like to bring the rather lesser known josterberry to your attention. We  have been growing these beauties for some time now, with the competition of other summer berries they have never really taken off in the way they should. I can’t remember how many times I have been asked “what is a josterberry”? Well, they grow on a large bush and have similar leaves and flowers to a blackcurrant, without the sharp needles of a gooseberry bush. They are in fact a cross between a gooseberry and a blackcurrant… and are the best of both. Small marbles in size with a bright green flesh inside black reddish skins. The flavour swings more towards the blackcurrant. Their star attribute is the taste and their outstanding performance in the kitchen, the flavour is strong and very concentrated and when cooked for in pie, fool and such like it really shines out and one becomes convinced that they are amazing. Harrys favourite ice cream ever (his words)  was a josterberry ice cream that we made a couple of years ago deep purple/pink, in colour fruity and delicious in a vanilla based ice cream. Just last week we had a joster ripple ice cream. It was fabulous! So we ask you please give the joster a go, it is time it took a more leading role in our fruit sales. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Lots of lovely vegetables for sale this week… young baby carrots, red Florence onions in perfect condition. Lettuces galore and again looking perfect. chards, red beetroot. Our broads and peas are taking their time, not much this week but hoping to have a good amount next week…. we could do with a drop of rain. The courgettes are going strong and we have some beautiful round tondo. All the usual herbs, parsley and summer savoury too.





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  1. I love reading these posts each week. I have yet to get to spa terminus for reasons of other commitments on a saturday morning. This does not mean i won’t ever get to you, i hope! Will look out for the josterberry. Am sure we had something like it in our garden when i was a child…

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