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Workin’ 9-5… we wish

We were so grateful to have had a nice drop of heavy warm rain at the end of last week. The seedlings and plants have loved a watering, as they were all beginning to look a little parched. Have spent the week weeding our flower beds, and turning them around for late summer flowers. My relaxation of the moment is dead heading roses, just a little each day whilst singing Dolly Parton songs…. not sure why it is Dolly Parton, but do find this meditation very relaxing! I am sure I appear to our workers  to be a little bit nuts, but never mind! I’ll just pour myself a cup of ambition.

Our pea and broad bean beds are looking beautiful, and their fruits are not too far away from being picked. Maybe a few this week, but think next is more likely.

Available this week:

  • Lots of soft fruit this week… loganberries, blackcurrants, redcurrants and gooseberries and possibly our last strawberry pick of the year.
  • The basil is beautiful and we have plenty of it. We shall be bringing the first of this years beetroot, red and golden.
  • Radish, French breakfast are crisp and hot. Lettuces are very beautiful and full.
  • The courgettes are tasting amazing and are beginning to produce well.
  • Flowers- first of the dahlias and some cute scented posies.
  • Salad bags are really good at the moment and they will have lots of flowers amongst the mix.
  • A new batch of gooseberry and elderflower jam
  • A few chickens

Until Saturday .” what a way to make a living”……


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