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Rain on the way

Coo what a scorcher of a week. A promise of some decent, very much-needed rain  forecasted for tonight and tomorrow.  We planted and sowed over an acre of vegetables this week, a late night last night with watering the newly planted seedlings. Tonight’s rain should bed them in nicely and save us a lot of time and energy. However there is always something to challenge us. for the first time in a number of years we are troubled by what we think is a fox, stealing some of our birds. We are being as vigilant as we can, running a dog patrol of the perimeters, and the men peeing in the hedges to lay their scent. Very annoying and upsetting. Heard a shot gun go off a few times today so I expect someone else is being as troubled as we are.

Apart from the fox problem all going rather well, with more and more crops coming into fruition. Strawberries are still on great form and super sweet and juicy. A couple of punnets of blackcurrants and redcurrants make their debut. More green and ruby chard, fresh white onions and some beautiful lettuce. Perhaps even a few baby courgette for the early risers.

Coming soon beetroot, tayberries, raspberries, red Florence onions and in a few weeks the first new season potatoes. Lots of beautiful blue and white Iris on the flower front.


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