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Growing at last

Finally a full week of warm sunshine, enabling us to progress very well in our work. Burning the candle at both ends somewhat with late evening and early morning irrigation and so on. Much growth everywhere, so we have been very busy weeding and cultivating the crops. Much more to sell this week. Hurrah!

Very pleased with the lettuce this week we have sturdy, sweet and beautiful, perfect specimens, so will be bringing many to Spa this week. Lots of chard to be harvested from the first of the outdoor grown crops. Strong squeeky stems of green and ruby. Fresh white onions and lots of hot French breakfast radish.

The strawberries and gooseberries have loved the sun this week. The gooseberries have started to turn a little more yellow, indicating that they are sweeter, so very much at their prime. However I must say the strawberries are super splendid. Shiney and bright and very sweet. A few cherries from the tree in our greenhouse  the most beautiful red colour and very perfect looking (see pic)

Yesterday was a BD flower day we started the day doing a 501 spray with the seasonal crew, which everyone seemed to enjoy on a perfect summers morning. We then hit the flower beds and turned them around from the spring flower production to summer. Many exciting cutting flowers to come. In about three weeks we will be awash with colour. The roses are in full blown bloom and I try to deadhead for a few minutes each day to encourage new buds and to keep things looking their best.

The star flowers this week are Iris, blue and white, and the first of the very special flanders poppies. A batch of this seasons strawberry jam too.


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