The sun has got its hat on | Fern Verrow

The sun has got its hat on

Hurray, at last we have some sunshine, and a promise of dry weather forecasted for the next ten days. Time to get going properly again.

This week we planted seven varieties of French bean and some runners. All looking very tidy around  the canes. Nice to have them outside at last.

Lots to do today so just a quick note to tell you what we have for sale this week.  Strawberries and gooseberries are plentiful. Lots of herbs as usual- mint, tarragon, sage, oregano, rosemary, lovage, dill and some chervil. We will have lots of radishes, salad bags and lettuces. Beetroot leaves, spinach and some ruby chard in the greens section.

We are selling our tomato plants well, this week we have some annual flower plants too. Cosmos, poppies and carnations. All good for cut flowers and easy to grow. Cut flowers too with poppies, peonys and roses being the main crops… great pinky colours.

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