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This week at Spa Terminus

We’ve had a funny old week, what with the incessant rainfall. Yesterday we had over an inch,  the roads were flooded and it felt like autumn. However as usual we made the best of it, using our time filling a large dumper truck with scrap metal to go to the scrap man, very satisfying to be rid of junk and clear some space for new projects. A leaf day was used sowing leaf crops in the propagating greenhouse… sprouts, cabbages and such like for Christmas lunch!

Today however was bright and sunny, which was helpful to dry off some of our crops ready for harvesting and bringing to Spa. Guess what? We have some strawberries, real beauties, large and juicy. They are our first fruit crop of the year, thanks to the fantastic new beds that Harry made last autumn. We should have lots next week , so if you miss them this week don’t worry. We hope also to start picking gooseberries next week too., with some elderflowers to go with them.

The animals are doing well, we had a new calf born last week, another female, we have called her Tessa. Although the sheep are shorn they don’t seem to be too worried about the cool weather. The grass is thick and they have plenty of food to keep them warm. The little lambies are not so little any more growing fast and fat!

Radish again this week, lettuce too… nice butterheads and our favourite Cocarde. Chard and beet tops too. Lots of lovely flowers too roses, peonys and unusual foxgloves. Herbs galore having loved all the rain they are on good form.

Coming soon… peas, broad beans, spinach, beetroot and lots more besides

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