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At last we are in full swing of the growing season proper. Planting has been the name of the game this week. We started by spending Monday morning planting the potatoes. Always a land mark day, as we usually always plant potatoes first in any season. We talked about the weather conditions in which we have done the planting over the years. Monday was one of the best, bright  and sunny and the soil beautifully warm and the ridger  performing beautifully forming near perfect beds….. well done Harry! Next we were drilling root crops, just a few for now for mid summer eating, beetroots, summer carrots and red Florence onions.  We finished late, but in time for the sheep shearing and moving the ewes and their young lambs onto fresh grass. A good sixteen hour day, we were tired, but very happy to have achieved so much. However the best part was hearing the rain during the night, watering our newly planted crops and refreshing the air. Sunny and very warm again on Wednesday, peas and broad beans sown and planted, and the first batch of courgette plants. An afternoon in the flower beds, planting out trays and trays of flower seedlings. Thank you again to Harry for building and tending some beautiful new flower beds. Rain again in the night and during the early hours of Thursday…. is this Camelot? I know it sounds a bit bizarre.

Our greenhouse is helping us through the pre season hungry gap, lots of lovely things coming from there. Ruby chard, radish and beetroot tops this week. Lettuce and salad bags too. All the herbs under the sun, on great form and tasting lovely.

A few chickens for sale on Saturday, big fellas to boot.


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