Darling buds of May | Fern Verrow

Darling buds of May

Woke up this morning to an enthusiastic dawn chorus, cockerels in their house competing with each other for the greatest crow.The sound in that confined space must be deafening, but perhaps not to them. All the wild birds are up bright and early, bird rush hour if you like with nests to rebuild and breakfast to fetch for the young chicks. It is very nice to lie in bed and listen and watch for a few minutes and gather ones thoughts for the day ahead.

Even though we say it ourselves Fern Verrow is looking gorgeous! This truly is our most favourite time of year. Trees are out in leaf, clematis is beginning to blossom tangling itself  in an apple tree outside the kitchen window. The contrasting pinks of their blossom  looks beautiful. Lambing is done for this year, with the final arrival of twin boys on Monday morning. Our flock is now grazing new grass so green  it hurts your eyes. A calf due from today onwards, so regular checking needing to be done over the next week or so, her udder is swelling, indicating that things are not too far away. Next week we are expecting ducklings, goslings and turkletts ( that is what we call them) So rather the picture book farm at present.

Fingers crossed muck spreading and land prep scheduled for Monday xxxxxxxxx!

This week we have some chickens for sale. On the vegetable front we have spinach, radish and lots of herbs. Plenty of Rhubarb too. Tulips, white daffodils and some wild flower bunches for sale also.






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