April showers | Fern Verrow

April showers

A lovely bright morning today, a welcome sight after much rain the past few days. The grass is eye achingly green and the hedgerows are swelling with cow parsley and other gorgeous greenery. Hoping and praying for drier days ahead so that we can finally get onto the land and get some planting and sowing done. Patience is a virtue they say! So we must be virtuous.

Only one more ewe due to lamb, big as a house and ready to pop. A record number of twins born,  so far a very good lambing year. Won’t miss the thrice daily checking and counting, not a quick job on our hilly land.

The herbs have loved a good drink of rain, all looking very healthy and delicious.

This week we have some rather unusual radish to sell, long pointy dark rose in colour and nice and hot. Spinach again, and only a little chard. Lots of rhubarb, and a nice young batch of salad bag goodies.

Tons of tulips, glamorous parrots blowsy and eccentric. Many eggs from happy chickens.



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