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Easter weekend

It’s been a long week, worked all day Sunday moving,  dagging (don’t ask) and tagging the sheep. They are now clearing up a patch of land where we will been planting potatoes, hopefully, not in the too far distant future. More lambs this week including two sets of lovely twins. Lots of huffing and puffing in this warm weather from the few left that haven’t had their lambs yet. Am expecting another two ewes to lamb overnight.

We’ve had a nice couple of days on the flower beds, weeding finished, freesia bulbs planted, and pathways mown… all looking very municipal! Perfect temperatures for working outside, warm but not too warm and a nice cool breeze. What an amazing time of year it is by far my favourite. The green is so green and the blossom so flouncy at fragrant.

Thanks to everyone for buying all the tulips last week, lots again this Saturday including a really pretty pink and yellow variety.

We really are in what we call the hunger gap… not a vast amount to offer this week. The greenhouse is doing us proud with chard, perhaps some radish and the return of salad bag crops. Loads of fantastic herbs though, definitely their time of year, so therefore it must be what we should be eating lots of!





Plenty of eggs from the well behaved chickens. Talking of which, a few cockerels are nearly ready for the chop, but will keep you posted.

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