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Spring in our step

I believe that traditionally, it was the farmers wife that made the cheese and butter for the household. Not because it was the easy, no lifting “women’s work”, (as it is very  labour intensive kind of work as I know many of you know) But because milk and such like needs a level of hygiene to be successful. I could not be a cheese-maker, this week, both Harry and I should not be allowed near a vat of milk. Why? well we are in the middle of the birthing season, lambs and chicks at present  A messy old business at times,  however a truly wonderful and uplifting time, a time of renewal and optimism that comes to all of us with the beginning of  Spring. Most farmers time the birth of their animals with spring, when the first flush of green grass appears with all its goodness to feed the adults and young alike. The warmer days and nights help the young to thrive and prosper.

We have had three more lambs born this week, all has gone well, although we were concerned about the cold wind and rain at the beginning of the week. Today is a warm day, and as we walk the fields three times a day,  it is nice to see  mothers catching a moment to feed themselves, whilst the lambs are close by snoozing in the warm sunshine.

The land is still very wet, not helped by the rain this week, but the forecast is good and we must be patient. We are creative with our time and have sowing crops in trays in the greenhouse, so that once we can work the land we shall be off to a good start.

Another fine crop of radish for sale this week, cabbage tops, leeks, and a good selection of green leaves for salad and cooking.  The herbs have loved the rain and warmth and we will have a really nice selection, with a few varieties for fresh herb teas. The tulips perfect and we will have many bunches to sell, really looking forward to picking them and showing them off their beautiful colours on Saturday.



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  1. Hi Jane and Harry,

    I just wanted to let you know how much I love reading your posts in my inbox. I haven’t come down to sample your produce yet, but reading your posts reminds me of nature and my childhood, and keeps me in touch with this w0nderful earth. I just wanted to say thank you!
    Good luck with the lambs and the crops ; )

    Kind regards,


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