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French breakfast

One more morning and the fruit pruning will be finished. What a lovely job it is… you approach the bush, what does it need? Shaping for good growth and fruit production is the aim. Cut above a bud facing the direction that you want this years growth to go. Sometimes one must be brutal, removing damaged, weak or diseased branches, whilst shaping  the  bowl ensuring  plenty of air circulation. You must consider the fruit baring limbs… will they break under the weight of fruit that will come in a few months time. Snip, snip, snip, to a strong bud that will bend but not break. Stand back, admire the form, and onto the next one.

We are on ewe watch at the moment with lambs due from Monday onwards. For the last month we have had the Mums clearing and grazing the now old cabbage patch. The envy of local farmers to have such a bounty for the ewes at such an important time in their gestation. Everyone looking good, some very large bellies, perhaps a few sets of twins we hope. A couple of the girls are hobbling a bit, but once they have had their lambs we can have a proper look at their feet and give them a much needed pedicure.

Some radish for sale this week from a sowing made in late February… French breakfast… long red roots with pure white tips. So happy to see these little beauties again… Early spring is so the best time for radish.

Lots of greens for sale too, Swiss chard, ruby chard, spring cabbage, collard greens and kale . Leeks are still going strong.

For salads we have claytonia and land cress and a few beautiful raddichio.

Warmer weather is forecasted from Saturday so with a bit of luck the tulips will grow and produce a few blooms for sale next week. Meanwhile we have blossom and some spring flower posies for sale.



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