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This Saturday at Spa

The first day of Spring tomorrow, and she has certainly shown her presence these past two weeks. Lovely warm days to work outside without the multi layering of clothing going on. We’ve been busy of course, no land preparation as yet, as our soil is still too wet to work with tractors and such like. Patience is the name of the game. We have done some sowing in module trays, and the germination is good…. peas and broads from a sowing a couple of weeks ago are popping their shoots through. Tomatoes are sown and being kept at a constant 15° as are cucumbers and a few early courgette. The promise of things to come. Hopefully we  will be planting these outside in our  to be  prepared beds in a few weeks… fingers crossed.

What do we have on offer this week. The herb beds are coming along well and we should have a couple of things from there, chives are bright green and fine, some rosemary, lemon balm and some sorrel.

There will also be a few cauliflowers, tiddlers.. but none the less compact and lovely. Possibly a little purple sprouting, but sadly I feel the pigeons and wet weather have stunted its growth somewhat.

From the greenhouse we will be harvesting the last of the winter salad crops, and my it has loved the warmth of he past fortnight. No salad bags as such, but plenty of claytonia, land cress and Chinese greens. A nice lot of Swiss chard too looking shiny bright! No radish as yet, but lots to come very soon.

Spring cabbages are lovely, very pretty too with  lovely green and purple shades. Leeks are still going strong.

Oh by the way the hens have been laying for England, so plenty of eggs this week, so many infact that you don’t have to be with us at dawn to bag a box!

More blossom twigs and branches… what a joy they are!




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