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Spring time?

Yes thank you for asking the Bahamas were wonderful! Only joking of course, having said that we have a lovely time these past couple of weeks. We have gone from winter into early spring. I can say that confidently now as the weather forecast for the next ten days is indeed very springlike, well the temperatures anyway. Be prepared for the joys of spring… having had such a mild winter, bulbs and other early spring plants will be bursting out all over. Doesn’t that make us feel good?

So what have we been up to on the farm…? It is still too early to plant and the soil is far too wet to work for at least another few weeks. However seeds have been sown in the greenhouse, radish, spinach and a few other cool season crops. The radish are up and will be ready in about three weeks. Mice are nibbling my spinach seed, which annoys me greatly, but this is usual at this time of year, my annoyance will pass and they will tire of spinach and find other seeds to nibble. The flower beds are coming along nicely, tulips are up, not eaten  by mice I am glad to say. Spring planted bulbs are in and annuals sown.

A good array of greens and tops this week, some Swiss chard from the greenhouse and plenty of salad bags. Glad to say that the hens have started laying again, so the welcome return of our eggs. We also have some gorgeous peach blossom branches and a few apricot, very pretty indeed.

See you on Saturday, but remember we will not be at Spa on 15th… Maldives this time!








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