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A taste of things to come

This morning is a beautiful one, a mother of pearl sky, and birds chirping away happily. What a comparison to last Friday, with its storm force winds and pelting rain. Hurray and Hurrah I say, so very welcome. We had a couple of days of almost spring-like quality temperatures and climate this week. It has been a real pleasure to be outside again, without feeling scared by the wind and rain, wondering if it will ever stop, how is it all effecting our land and animals. Knowing all along that things will pass, but after weeks and weeks of pummeling, ones faith in it all can be challenged. Well this morning certainly confirms that.

Had a very nice time turning one of our compost heaps late one sunny afternoon. A tonne of trimmings , soil , straw and other organic matter, not touched since the autumn. Muck forks in hand we pitched heavy wet clods of compost into the next bay, flicking it high and fast to break down the clods, to air it and wake it up. Was looking pretty good, many worms doing what they do, and the texture looking promising.  Another turn in a couple of weeks, and the addition of BD compost preps, and it’ll be good to go. A symbolic moment really, much to do to awake the farm and prepare her for the new season. The last box of ordered seeds arrived and sorted into their appropriate boxes, a few new comers especially on the flower front ,(I think I may have go a little carried away). Will be starting the some sowing next week, as temperatures and light hours are getting close for good germination. Must crack on with fruit tree pruning, as time is ticking, always the way!

Please remember that we will not be at Spa NEXT Saturday (1st March) However will be there tomorrow as usual. The usual greens, salad bags and plenty of roots. Oranges and avocados are fantastic at the moment.




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