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Wet and Wild

Lucky to say that the hurricane force winds did not hit us too badly yesterday. The wind picked up somewhat at about 1.30 yesterday afternoon. We abandoned the rose pruning and watched the wind from the warmth of the house. Both of us were feeling a little sick, whilst trying to be jolly and keeping busy, as you do! By 3.30 things were calmer, as were we. My oh my what a time we are all having, can’t express how happy we are to be on a hill, with ditches in order!

Am going to keep a very close eye on forecast for the next couple of days, but be sure we will do our very best to get London for Saturday at Spa. Last weeks journey home thankfully was not too eventful, but came in at no3 for worst market journeys of all time. Very windy and wet. I lead a stream of about 40 cars from Oxford to Gloucester, everyone being very sensible, keeping distance and speed checked… except for that Range Rover driver….*********!

Want to let you know in advance that we will be missing two Saturdays over the next 6 weeks. The ones where we won’t be at Spa are Saturday 1st March and Saturday 15th March. The reason for all this, is that we are in a funny situation where last years planting is almost over, earlier than normal, due to the mild winter, and it  just a little to early for the spring crops to come good. Otherwise we will be at Spa every Saturday, weather permitting of course.

Lots of greens for sale this week, young sprouting tops of kale and those lovely cabbage sprouts. Salad bags are plentiful and are on good form, they are grown in the greenhouse where they have protection from the weather. Cox apples and still loads of blood oranges on tip top form.




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