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Rain, Rain go away

At times like these we are so glad that we live on a hill, can’t imagine how we would feel if our fields were several feet under water., and our animals without grass to graze on. The ground is totally saturated, it literally bubbles and squeaks, hope the worms are Ok! Well at least the water reservoirs are topped up and if we have a dry summer, we will  have plenty of water… lucky us. It would be nice though if it could stop raining, I worry about some of our plants,  Rosemary for instance, they don’t like excessive water and we have had excessive water. More so though for the poor old sheep that are out in this weather, we are feeding them hay each day, topping up with bolting cabbages and lettuces. They look Ok and the ewes tummy’s are looking large with the young lambs inside them.

When Spring comes, I suspect that everything will burst quickly into life, everything will be very lush and growth will be quick. I do  think that this spring will be a very slug friendly one, so if you are propoagting plants over the next few weeks, sow generously, as the slugs will take their share for sure.

One to the Good Folk,
One to the crow,
One to wither,
And one to grow.
And one for the slug, that lives down the lane.
Will be battling the spray on the M4 later today as usual. Slow lane, keeping my distance and  radio4

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