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Happy New Year

Just to let you know that we are back at Spa Terminus again this Saturday.  Happy to say we still have a nice range of produce available, thanks to the mild weather over the past few weeks, a little wet at times mind you, but no frost to speak of which always puts an end to tender leaf crops. So what do we have? Plenty of good carrot, parsnips, celeriac and red beets. Good, strong flavoured leeks, some early purple sprouting, savoy cabbage, spring greens and plenty of kale..green curly, red Russian and the ever popular cavalo nero. The British Queen potatoes are coming to an end, but we still have a good supply of Arran Victory. Onion squash are also plentiful and tasting really good.  Plenty of salad bag crops, the mix at this time of year is hot and mustardy, very cleansing! We will also have two varieties of blood oranges, Seville oranges and some bergamot lemons this week.

So what have we been up to the past three weeks? well of course there was Christmas which was a feast, lots of lovely food and drink and the usual lying on the sofa watching telly. We were back to work early in the New Year lowering ourselves down gently sorting seeds and ordering this seasons batch. Found it harder than usual to find organic seed for all the varieties that we want. There seems to have been many crop failures and fewer people growing organic seed which is a shame, however the U.S.A and Canada produces more and more, many of our seeds are making their way from North America this year.

On  the dry days since Christmas, and there have been a few, we have taken on a massive project. Remember the heavy snow of three or was it four years ago? Well during this spell of cold snowy weather one of our large greenhouses fell down under the weight of snow, devastating, and a formidable challenge to put it right. The area, about the size of two tennis courts, has naturally  become rather overgrown with brambles and the like clambering over the collapsed frames and glass panels. It has been an area that we have ignored and walked past with heads turned for a few years now. But no more, we put on our boots and gloves  and started to pick up broken glass and twisted frames. We have now made a really good start of dismantling it. Highly organised it is too special areas for broken glass, salvageable frames, plastic and steel.  Quite a lot more to do, but we are so excited about the prospect of using this area again, for what we have not yet decided., possibly a wild flower meadow, an orchard, more grazing for the animals, a pond. It has been really hard work, but it is amazing how one can feel spurred on and enjoy the whole thing when you are achieving something that you really want to have done, but don’t always have the energy or time to take on.






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  1. Happy New Year! I live too far from the Spa to be a regular customer so have to grow it myself, but it is always a great pleasure to read your blog. My
    niece in West Virginia also enjoys it, despite being much further away than I am. Have a good growing season.

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