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Two more weeks to go

Just two more trips to Spa until we stop for a short break. Back on 18th January.

We sold lots of beef last week, and will have the other half of Curly for sale again this Saturday. Very pleased with how she turned out, and hope you all enjoyed the various cuts that you bought. A very big thank you to Nathan at The Butchery for cutting and butchering her so beautifully. Don’t forget the fresh horseradish.

The usual wintery crops for sale this week again. Lovely carrots, parsnips and beetroot. Celery and celeriac. Lots of greens in the form of three kales, sprout tops, romanesco,  and due to the mild weather a little purple sprouting. Salad bags and lettuce too.

We will have some of our mistletoe for you this week and also some very pretty Hedgerow wreaths to adorn your doorways.

We are still taking orders for turkey, I cannot stress how good they are looking… thanks to the mild weather all the birds have fattened well, whilst out on the herb beds today which is close to the turkey area, one gigantic turkey was perched high up at least twelve feet up on a fence post, sadly no camera in my pocket to record this but he did look proud and happy. Out of all the birds that we keep the turkeys are by far the most friendly and gentile. We enjoy having them here very much.

Hope to see you on Saturday, but I expect that with tradition many of you will be out buying presents.





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