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This week at Spa

A quiet week I suppose, felt a little of the Christmas frenzy, but lists have been written and parcels have been delivered so feeling a bit more relaxed. How mild the weather is, leaves still on the trees looking more like October rather than nearly December. Harry bless his heart, has this week planted new raspberry canes to replace and renew our existing canes, rather over ordered on canes, so if anyone would like to buy some, please let us know. A new hornbeam hedge now in situ and so the beginnings of a formal flower  garden quietly on its way.

The mild weather means too that plenty of good crops available, lots of cavalo nero, chard, salads and herbs. Great carrots, swede and beetroot. Three varieties of cabbage, no sorry , four including red.

All animals are doing well, particularly the birds, big fat turkeys room the land looking most tasty indeed. On the 7th December we will have the first of our biodynamic Hereford beef, the butchery  is being done by Nathan at the Butchery, so that is very exciting.
















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