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Organic Christmas Poultry

Ok I know it is still November, but everyone else is advertising Christmas treats. So thought we’d introduce the idea.  As per usual we have a nice range of poultry for sale this Christmas. All the birds are born at the end of spring, in May and raised and fattened on our pasture. The pasture is what makes them good.. access to plenty of greens,  grass in other words is the key to tasty meat. Something that has been forgotten in the production of poultry. This year we have a good number of bronze turkeys, various sizes to suit. We also have geese and ducks, they are looking very well indeed  with plenty of golden fat. We are taking orders now, so please place an order if you would like to have a Fern Verrow bird for your Christmas lunch. To place an order please email We shall be at Spa on Saturday 21st December for the collection of orders and the purchase of brussel sprouts.

Meanwhile we continue to have good crops, having had very little frost. Lots of greens, escarole, our favourite salad leaf. Leeks are a good size and strong tasting. Savoy cabbage is at its best right now, as are the hard white drumhead varieties, they look rather dull, but are really tasty, crunchy and sweet… they make fantastic coleslaw by the way. Red beetroot is a little on the large size, but they are still delicious. Herbs still going strong, sage, chervil, thyme, rosemary and parsley.

The avocados that we have from our wholesaler are now back in season, which I know will please many of you. Demeter bananas too, no sign of the good oranges yet, I think that perhaps we will not see them until after Christmas. Looking forward to those.




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