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Things to come

Another wet wet week, never mind still able to get some work done. Over a thousand tulip bulbs planted this week, very exciting, can’t wait to see them. In recent years we have gone for the more classic varieties, but having found some outrageous parrots I  have been seduced by their bright outrageous colours and forms, so we shall see next spring.  We have also branched out on the Iris department, so again looking forward to seeing them appear. Now waiting for a delivery of lily of the valley, so hopefully they too will bring us their joy in May. Talking of May we had our annual Tb test this week, all clear  thank goodness, but whilst the vet was here he scanned our cow and told us that she was indeed in calf and we are expecting it to arrive early May.

More of the same crop wise.. good big leeks, and lots of greens including cabbages, cavalo nero and three other kales. Escarole is our favourite salad at present, I know they are called bitter leaves, but this is meant in a good way, the hearts are blanched and taste delicious. Salad bags are of good quality, especially with the addition of raddichio.  Sprout tops make their first appearance. Savoy, red and hard drum

More apples and pears, and lots of quince.

Next week we will have lamb for sale, and in late November the first of our Hereford beef.




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