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The Storm of 2013

We were lucky on Sunday night because, although it was expected to come our way, the storm kindly dipped south on Sunday night. The only damage done was to my sleep, several hours awake  worrying that we would no longer have our greenhouse on Monday morning. It is still there thank goodness. It did however rain and rain and rain, everywhere is saturated with water. The animals are always of a concern in the very wet weather, however everyone seems to be doing well. The cows now have their coarser woolly winter coats, and are looking beautiful. They have their annual TB test on Monday, so hopefully all will go well with that. With the warmer weather of late there is still plenty of grass for them to eat, so they will continue to be outside for a few weeks more. After that they will go into the cosy barn for the winter months and eat all the hay that we made in July.  The sheep too are looking woolly and fat, nice clean coats from having been washed by the rain, the ewes are awaiting the arrival of the ram in a couple of weeks. It is very important that they are healthy and well fed before “tupping” starts, so as to give the unborn lambs a good start. The chickens however are not at all keen on all this wet weather, looking a little on the bedraggled side and laying none too well, extra rations are on the go to help them feel more content and so therefore lay at little better.

Tomatoes are all finished now, plants are out of the greenhouse and on the compost heap, which will provide fertility for new plants in the spring, so nothing goes to waste and all is used in this wonderful cycle.

Plenty of other crops to offer, greens, roots, herbs, escarole, frisee, squash, celery, apples and plenty more…..






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