Wetter than an Otter’s pocket | Fern Verrow

Wetter than an Otter’s pocket

What a wet week! Huge amounts of rain has fallen this week, not in the least bit cold though. The leaves are falling and filling the gutters and drains.  All good material for the compost.We have made good use of the wet days however. A good day with our Biodynamic inspector, we passed with flying colours, and spent the time discussing astral matters and such like. Our old maps of the land were acceptable… we have promised new ones every year, perhaps next time.

A good array of produce again this week, the varieties will be pretty constant from now on Greens, cabbage, roots, squash and salads.

Chicken for sale this week, and lamb on 16th November. If anyone would like a turkey for Thanksgiving, (which I believe is the last Thursday of November) we can supply some… please order though.

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