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The Inspector calls

Feeling a tad disconnected from the outside work this week, can’t believe that the time has come for our annual inspection. So have been inside sifting through paperwork and filling in the questionnaire. Promise myself every year to be more organised, but I suppose I have more important things to do, or perhaps I don’t like paperwork that much.¬† All done, now ready for the inspector on Monday…looking forward to it.

We are busy with preparing for winter, and planning for next year. Flower beds are being cleared and plants pruned and mulched. Apple harvesting and sorting, with lots of windfalls fattening the turkeys, ducks and geese. Harry made our biodynamic preparations this week, a good job to have done and up to date.

Much more in the way of wintery crops this week, lots of greens including Chard, three kales and next week some spinach. Escarole and frisee are star vegetables of the week, bitter in a good way with lots of crunch and beautiful blanched hearts. Celery is massive, but on really good form.

Roots include carrots, beetroot, and four potato varieties. The squash is storing well and is of excellent quality.

Coming up in the next few weeks we will have more chicken, lamb and some of our Hereford beef.




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