The North wind doth blow… | Fern Verrow

The North wind doth blow…

What a chilly wind it is, for the first time this side of the summer we had cold hands and feet today. It is rather nice though, bracing and fresh. Rather welcome ,to kill off the caterpillars and other pesky critters that like to nibble away at our leaf crops. The leaves on the trees have started to fall and their colours changing. A progressive week work wise, beds for tulips all prepared having been dug over and a good layer of compost allied. We will plant them on 4th November, supposedly the very best day of the year in which to plants best for vigour and vivid colours according to the biodynamic planting calendar.

The most exciting project though this week was Harry’s new raspberry beds, bordered beds and tall posts will help us enormously to produce better crops. Good fella!

Quince makes it ‘s first appearance of the year this week, the last of the raspberries I think unless the weather returns to warmer temperatures, which is actually forecasted… who knows.

Leeks, carrots, golden and red beetroot on good form. Some celeriac too.

Lots of fantastic greens three varieties of kale, chard and endive lettuces.

Also a batch of the very popular green tomato chutney.




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