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A time of change

A wet week, but a good time to move animals around and prepare them for winter. On Monday we collected our young cow from a neighbour, she has spent the last nine weeks with a Hereford bull and hopefully has returned  in calf. Her family here at Fern Verrow were happy to see her return, she has matured and is looking quite the grown up and full of herself. Later in the day we gathered the ewes together and gave them their pre nuptial beauty treatment and moved them up to the honeymoon suite to await  the arrival of the Ram  in a few weeks time.

The last of a few things this week borlotti beans being one and runner beans being another.

Lots of lovely greens, many cauliflowers and a few cosmic Romanesco peeking out between the huge leaves surrounding them.

Lettuce , frisee and endive too

So pleased with our squash harvest… lots more for sale. Beetroot, carrot and onions on fine form.

Chicken for sale, be warned they are whoppers, all cockerels and will feed many.

The next few weeks are busy for us with our biodynamic inspection coming up, lots of hedges to trim and lay and new ones to plant. And lots more besides.





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