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This week

Today Thursday it rained all day, we were wet not too cold but definitely feeling a little smug, as yesterday and the day before we had perfect conditions in which to get all our potatoes and squash harvested and stored away in the dry. So at least we know now that those crops are all safe and sound. The squash in particular was a bumper harvest and top quality. As far as the potatoes all went well and we have lots of  good Arron Victory and British Queen… a welcome return to a roast potato… don’t we love them?

The Barlottii beans are fantastic this week, tasting like almonds, this week we had a sausage (from Ham and Cheese co) and tomato stew with the beans… highly recommended.

Lots of really crisp and tasty lettuce this week, more radichio , with endive and frisee coming soon.

The carrots are looking amazing and tasting sweet and milky, same to cook them I think.

Our greens are looking good, although we have had caterpillar troubles on the cabbages, the chard both red and green have been bug free and is tall and strong. Perhaps a few more cauliflowers, will know after the morning pick in the Brassica field.

Puppies are growing well, eyes beginning to open, two weeks old and three times as large. We each have our favourites, and enjoy them hugely. Bess the Mama is looking great and eating like a horse, her routine has changed so much. The pups sleep and eat that’s about it, so poor old Bess gets rather bored. Yesterday we had a neighbours stray ewes in our field… the cleverest sheep I have ever met, so Bess gave us a hand to chase it around the fields for an hour or so which I think she enjoyed very much. I didn’t it was very frustrating, however problem solved now and vegetables safe from any nibbling.

By the way we hope to have chicken for sale NEXT week….




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