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Wet then dry

The week started wet and chilly, but today much much warmer, which is so very pleasing as we have our main crop potatoes and winter squashes to harvest next week. Spent a day tidying new strawberry beds, many runners have been produced so if anyone wants some plants we will have four varieties for sale this week.
Our greens are really coming into their own, these crops really prefer the cooler days. Lots of cabbage, cavalo nero, and chard.
More outstandingly beautiful borlotti beans and probably the last of the French… thank you French you have been very generous.
Made a really spicy hot chili plum chutney this week, probably the best chutney so far this year, having said that we are very pleased with the beetroot and horseradish.
Our raspberries are still going strong, plums and damsons will accompany them this weekend.
Carrots, beetroot and three varieties of potato… have you tasted the Maris Bard?
Of course our puppies have taken a lot of our time, exhausting all this cuddling and canninooodling. And yes they are for sale!

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