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Cool mornings and warm days

A very early Autumnal feel to the days this week, very quiet everywhere except for the tractors and trailers hauling straw to the hill farmers, a busy time for everyone out here, so pleased that conditions are helpful for them. At last we have completed all essential weeding and plant care. Now we wait for things to grow and reach their maturity. We turn in a different direction with our thoughts of preparation for winter and next season… pruning fruit bushes of the old season growth and tying and laying shoots for next seasons fruit. Land preparation for a new patch of raspberries and other soft fruit. Mulching, compost turning and much more besides.

Lovely , lovely crops for sale this week. Lots of tomatoes red, juicy and tasty. Had one very large Olirose for lunch today, just picked and warm from the greenhouse on toast with black pepper DE.. licious.

Lots of beans again, yellow, green and purple and some lovely runners. Barlotti are looking very good and swelling up nicely the first we think next week. The weather has been perfect for these to really reach their potential, so should be worth the wait.

Gold and red beetroot, Onions galore.

Broccoli, black Kale and some Ruby chard make up the greens.

Raspberries, the first of the plums and white peach for the fruit section, perhaps a fig or two

Lipstick coloured flowers, full of warmth and sunlight.. I know what I mean!


Lettuce and salad bags as usual. also some very pretty raddichio.


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